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ECONG037 –
The Economics of Migration

Teaching assistant:
Mimosa Distefano

Migration is one of the key issues in the political and public debate in Europe. It is at the same time one of the most extensively investigated subjects in social sciences. Nevertheless, it is a subject which is very difficult to access, partly due to the complexity of the issues involved. This lecture series is an introduction to the economic aspects of migration. It is aimed at economics students at the MSc level. It will discuss some of the most important contributions to migration research in economics, and point out links between the different areas of analysis. It will discuss empirical evidence within clearly structured economic models. At every stage, analysis will be linked to the current debate on migration.

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ECONG013 –
Topics in Labour Economics

Teaching assistant:
Anna Becker

This course provides an overview of key topics in the field of labour economics. More specifically, the course: – teaches the key elements of labour economics – uses labour economics to say something about how real world phenomena related to the labour market work – shows how models in labour economics derived from first order principles can inform empirical analysis and policy – is strongly empirically motivated, but also stresses the links between theoretical and empirical research – touches at commonly used empirical methods to obtain causal effects (difference-in-differences, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity) – covers key papers (often written 15-20 years ago) in conjunction with related (unpublished) papers at the current research frontier

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