Invited Talks


22 October 2017

Christian Dustmann on a panel discussion on Untangling the Facts about Immigration in the World Economy.

10th International Conference on Migration and Development

29 June 2017

Keynote, 10th International Conference on Migration and Development, Clermont Ferrand


17 March 2017

Christian Dustmann analyses the effect of refugee settlement on electoral outcomes in Denmark at „Globalization at a Turning Point? Challenges for Europe“

Economia Viva

16 February 2017

Christian Dustmann on the Economia Viva 2017 debate Migrations: Bridges or Walls?

Autumn Workshop: Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration Bringing Together Research & Practice

03 November 2016

Christian Dustmann keunote lecture on the economic aspects of refugee migration, labour market integration of refugees and the current political polarization.

The Mediterranean Leadership Summit

28 April 2016

Christian Dustmann addressing Migration and Poverty at the Mediterranean Leadership Summit in Malta on 28th April 2016.

Brexit Divisions II: The Mother of Migration Debates

22 March 2016

Christian Dustmann on the UCL European Institute event 'Brexit Divisions II: The Mother of Migration Debates'

Economic Forum-Zurich Final Discussion

21 April 2015

Christian Dustmann and Mauro Dell'Ambrogio on the final discussion of the UBS’s Economic Forum in Zurich.

Economic Forum-Zurich

21 April 2015

Christian Dustmann's keynote speech on the Human Capital as a Central Economic Factor, at the UBS's Economic Forum in Zurich.


05 November 2014

Christian Dustmann on his latest paper on the fiscal consequences of European immigration to the UK, published in the Economic Journal.

UCL Lunch Hour Lectures

20 March 2014

Christian Dustmann reporting on the impact of immigration.

CEPOS 2008

03 April 2008

Christian Dustmann presenting the results of his research on migration and integration.